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04-10-2016, 12:09 PM

By Chapita 


Honey Moore - My perfect next door girl


I had the lovely opportunity to visit beautiful Honey Moore a few days ago. She was very accommodating and understanding as I had some troubles getting to her place.
Honey is a lovely girl that is just amazing. You have to have the experience by yourself in order to understand why she is so good on what she does, not only her disposition to make sure you're going to have a great time, but the time an effort that Honey makes to create a date for you. 
When she opened the door of her upscale and tidy apartment, I could not believe what a lucky guy was. I couldn't keep my eyes off the outlines of her body through her sexy dress and then down to her very well-shaped legs. 
Once inside I was struck on how clean and tidy the apartment was. Also, there where candles and dim lights on the bedroom. I loved the dim lights but I really wanted to have all lights on to see the girl I was going to spend some time with.
I will not go into details because I think it all depends on the chemistry you can have with her; I will only say that although she only offers safe services, her cbj was one to be remembered. She is sexy and friendly and full of energy. Certainly, it was a great pleasure to meet her. I cannot stop thinking of my next time with her.






04-11-2016, 07:45 PM#1

By sundog 


 I Want Moore!


I went to see Miss Moore today and I wasnt disappointed. Being greeted by a beautiful lady with a big smile put me at ease right away. After she had asked what I liked and wanted it was time for a massage. I'm not going to go into details but I don't see anyone more than once and I will see her again. She is a 10 in my books and hope she comes back to our fair city soon.







By love 10


 Sweet Honey Moore


Sweet Honey Moore! A firecracker of energy and sensual mix of naughty and nice. She is an SP that has all the right curves :). She was very easy to connect with and she is an intelligent young woman that knows how to please a man.

I don't often write reviews but she is definitely worth giving a great review to! If you get a chance to see this great gal, DO IT!

Thanks for the great time Honey 






06-27-2016, 09:29 PM#1

By tonight_fun1 


 Honey @ elite


Saw Honey Moore at Elite today. Very enjoyable. She is lovely, curvy, sexy, great attitude. Amazing body slide and massage skills, Cbj, mpos. Was just what the doctor ordered today. Would repeat.

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06-30-2016, 03:32 PM#2



Honey really is top notch. I've actually been a semi regular client of hers for a long time now. She takes the time to get to know your tastes and personal interests if that's your thing. I'd recommend her to anybody who likes their women on the curvy side

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07-01-2016, 02:19 AM#3

By junglejim 




I seen Honey as she was entering Elite at the same time that I was. 
Although in her street clothes,I thought " hmmm,good looking,with a very nice curvy figure,a future date in the future likely"
However I had an appointment with Jacqueline Hyde(which was excellent),who is also curvy albeit a little older than Honey.







08-25-2016, 12:15 AM#1

By rickib 


Great session with Honey Moore


I saw Honey Moore on Wednesday. She has raving reviews, and her pictures were very inviting. Booking was very easy and I ended up seeing her at her downtown condo. Very nice condo.

I agree with all of he great things mentioned about her. She is very passionate, awesome kisser, and looks out for the needs of her clients. I had a lovely time with her. I was extremely satisfied and happy at the end of the session.








10-02-2016, 11:44 PM#1

By Greenday1975 


Honey Moore - Great Experience


I don't visit the women here often so my posts are few and far between. I had the great pleasure a couple of nights ago to visit Miss Honey Moore. 

She is a great young woman who makes you feel like you are the only person who matters and all her attention is on you. The sordid details I guess can be kept between us as she has numerous reviews here already. Suffice it to say her incall is easy to find and very clean. She offers a safe GFE with massage and most definitely doesn't rush.

Thanks Miss Moore for a great time! Hopefully again soon.








12-31-2016, 08:43 PM#1

By Murdock 


Honey Moore


The beautiful Honey Moore greeted me at the door of her tidy little in-call condo with her big pouty lips, her sexy pinned up blonde hair, and an outfit that suggested this girl might have some kind of unbelievable booty under there. 

It was a snap to set up our first encounter. Honey is super easy-going despite some schedule complications on my end. She gives a great massage, and is charming, and chatty, and easy to get comfortable with. 

I won't do the play by play thing, but I will say that my suspicions that Honey had an incredible booty under her little black dress were completely confirmed. What a classy, cool chick, and God damnit, I'll say it again: what a booty on this girl!




01-07-2017, 06:06 PM#1

By shaggy 


Sweet Honey duo


Friday December 30 I took advantage of Honey Moore's client appreciation day special and decided to have a duo with her and Shannon Sweet at there downtown in-call. I went for the hour at $400 which was great vfm. I had previously seen Shannon Sweet in my birthday duo back in June with Morgana LaFaye. Both Shannon Sweet and Honey Moore greeted me in matching lingerie which was sexy. We started by chatting over some chocolate and snacks while the ladies had some wine. Then I took a quick shower and met the ladies in the bedroom. There was lots of kisses everywhere which was pleasing the lg. Then there was mpos with both ladies. Some spanking and moaning. Pinching and nibbling on nipples both ways. Both ladies were amazing. Was a great way to end the year.




02-03-2017, 07:37 PM#1

By joeblo 


Honey Moore -- I'm in love


A fantastic session. She has this sexy look that drove me crazy. Great service and was non stop. Safe experience that was incredible. I'm in love.




02-04-2017, 05:54 PM#1

By jasonxs 


Honey Moore


I saw Honey Moore this week at her incall location for an hour session. 

Honey is a nice girl. We had a good a session and had some good conversation.





03-10-2017, 09:43 PM#1

By jasonxs 


Honey Moore


I saw Honey Moore a few weeks ago and saw here again for the second time tonight.

Easy arranging the session by text messages. 

Honey gave an excellent oil massages (very relaxing) and the full service session was awesome. Honey is a bright, bubbly, kind of girl. 

Apparently I released a large amount of load during this session. That’s how good honey is 



06-01-2017, 02:55 AM#1

By DFadeyshka 


More Honey ASAP


This morning I was feeling that twinge in my groin that means I have a craving that only a lovely lady can satisfy - my hand just doesn't do it sometimes. So after browsing the boards I settled on Honey Moore. Her pictures have always been cute to me and her smile has that mix of mischievousness and cunning that I like in a woman. So I sent her a message to arrange a meeting for after I finished work. That was easy - the hard part was making it there on time after having to go to Leduc for work. 

I arrive and she buzzes me up straight away, no waiting. When she opens the door... wow. Her tattoos are gorgeous and tasteful, and her freckles (which you can't see in her pictures) were seriously adorable. She brought me in and made me comfortable, then I hopped into the shower as one should.

When I got out she was lounging on the bed with a glass of wine and looking cute, adorable, and sexy, all at once. From there she gave me a relaxing hot oil massage that really got my motor running, with oil she told me she made herself. I do believe it smelled faintly of lemon. From there, once I flipped over, we had a pretty wild time until I climaxed. Then we talked the rest of my hour away and I couldn't have been more delighted to get to know her, what little I did.

When we finally parted ways I was wishing for more, as we had some wonderfully naughty kisses in the hallway leading up to the door.





07-10-2017, 03:57 PM#1

By rebelrob123 



 Birthday Treat with Honey Moore


I decided to treat myself to a Birthday treat so I contacted Honey Moore and opted for her VIP service. Well I have to say. VIP x 1000. I was made to feel like a king. I did not expect the kind of treatment I received along with her great disposition and wonderful naughty service that left me satisfied relaxed and completely fulfilled. 

Gentlemen, if you want to treat yourselves to an experience that leaves you feeling like a million bucks go see Honey and I dare you to try and whipe that silly grin off your face... you won't be able to.




08-04-2017, 04:56 PM#1

By richardlikes 


Honey Moore left me buzzing!!


Saw her ad for client appreciation and had to give her a text...
She didn't respond immediately, but when she did I was delighted with her texting demeanour!
So pleasant, accommodating and had me feeling like I had to get to her asap!

Got to location downtown (which is changing to Southside) and was welcomed into a very nice condominium and offered a beer, or wine and put to ease in a very short time.

Then the fun began...
Oh my God, what a warm, fun, inquisitive and charming woman HoneyMoore is. 

Good tunes
Beautiful bum
Hot oil massage
Better hot oil massage :)
Getting real frisky now!


Everything I love! And twice for good measure :)

Thank you sooooo much



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