**Services are all YMMV and discussed only in person upon meeting **

Please keep in mind that I do travel often, so please always inquire with the following information in the opening text; 


date and time of desired booking. 

length of appointment

Name/Age/Back ground and a brief intro of yourself 

587-588-6078 Text me 💋 always include an introduction of yourself and when/where you are wanting to see me in your opening message

As of March 2020 my plans on future bookings is currently onhold.

It is undecided if I will be returning to work in the industry. 

You are welcome reach out via email (miss.honeymoore@gmail.com) or via text if you are already an existing client. 

I care for all my clients, and I feel obligated to take a break from the industry until further notice. the time we spend one on one is very intimate and I believe we should look out for one another. 

 It is important to me that everyone stay happy and healthy - so if you are a client, you are welcome to reach out to me at this time. I would be happy to keep in touch with all of you lovely gentleman who have made working in this industry such a pleasure.


Hopefully this all blows over rather quickly....  

Sending us all light and love at this time,

 Honey Moore.



Miss Honey Moore Vip Companion

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