**Services are all YMMV and discussed only in person upon meeting **

Please keep in mind that I do travel often, so please always inquire with the following information in the opening text; 


date and time of desired booking. 

length of appointment

Name/Age/Back ground and a brief intro of yourself 

587-588-6078 Text me 💋 always include an introduction of yourself and when/where you are wanting to see me in your opening message.


Monday Sept 28            Lloydminster

Tuesday Sept 29            Lloydminster

Wednesday Sept 30      Lloydminster

Thursday Oct 1              Lloydminster

Friday Oct 2                   Lloydminster

Saturday Oct 3              Lloydminster

Sunday Oct 4                 

Monday Oct 5               

Tuesday Oct  6              

Wednesday  Oct 7        

Thursday Oct 8            

Friday Oct 9                  

Saturday Oct 10           OFF

Sunday Oct 11               OFF

Monday Oct 12             OFF

Tuesday Oct 13             OFF

Wednesday Oct 14

Thursday Oct 15            

Friday Oct 16                  

Saturday Oct 17             

Sunday Oct 18              

Monday Oct 19

Tuesday Oct 20

Wednesday Oct 21

Thursday Oct 22

Friday Oct 23

Saturday Oct 24

Sunday Oct 25

Monday Oct 26

Tuesday Oct 27

Wednesday Oct 28

Thursday Oct 29

Friday Oct 30

Saturday Oct 31



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